How to Make Time for it All!

‘It seems like you do more in a week than most people do in a year. How do you do it?’ I get asked this question a lot.


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AHHHHH! But I have so much to do, and I’m completely overwhelmed, and I’m confused, and HOW WILL I HAVE TIME FOR IT ALL? How do we fill up our calendars with awesome things to do, and not get overwhelmed?


These are the actual appointments that I had. That didn’t include the preparation for each of those appointments, the driving times, and the thought that I am teaching 5 days next week at the butt crack of dawn on the complete opposite side of town. But hey, guess what, lookie there, it all fits in the calendar, so it’s completely possible to make it all work in real life.

On Monday morning I was freaking out that I scheduled too many random things all the way across town. I had just been asked to play the Tuesday night show, so that was something new that popped up. I had to learn those songs, and now I had a rehearsal scheduled for one of the songs. I also had to write out the songs for the jam with Chris, figure out what songs to recommend for the Friday night jam, schedule in a dinner with my friend Carol, coffee with Carrie, and a heart-to-heart with Jen. And what about a date with the special guy in my life? Ugh. It’s Friday afternoon, and in both of our busy-nesses this week, that has not been scheduled, and now I’m starting to worry because I haven’t heard from him…but then again, he hadn’t heard from me really because I got to wound up with things.

Back to Monday. FREAK OUT! How am I going to get it all done? I realized exactly a year ago that I was completely freaking out over my schedule. Being self-employed, I have to set my own times and make my own appointments, and somehow thrown in there the things that I really don’t like to do, which includes grocery shopping, cooking for myself, and the things I need to do for myself every day, like practicing my bass, meditating, talking to my family on the phone, and keeping my house in order.

So how do we get it all done? What’s the secret? How do I not worry about all this stuff that’s on my plate?

Just do one thing at a time. I’m serious. And avoid extended naps in the middle of the day. I have to figure out what songs to play on Friday night, so instead of worrying about that on Tuesday, I just realized that I have free time on Friday before I need to jam to figure that out. I had to print out a practice test for a student on Thursday, so instead of thinking and thinking about it, I wrote it down on a to-do list for Wednesday after my class officer Skype and my dinner with Carol (not shown).

So, what did you get accomplished this week? What will you get accomplished next week?

In my midst of overwhelm freak out and subsequent settle down, I had 3 new students that I tutor, and two of them happen to want to be engineers, I played my bass in front of hundreds of people and made some new friends and contacts, I connected with 4 of my friends, one which includes a boy I’m smitten with, went to the circus for the first time, went to two new restaurants, rehearsed for an upcoming show that will have some pretty awesome people in the audience (as well as on stage), skyped with 4 of my best friends from high school (one which I haven’t seen or talked to in almost 20 years) to plan up the class reunion that’s coming up, helped my friend proof her new business material, and got a super awesome haircut and blowout by one of the best hairdressers I know.

WOW! What a week of firsts! I hadn’t realized it until I wrote it down. So, hey, why don’t you try it. Write down everything you’ve accomplished this week. I think you’ll realize that you’ve done more this week than you really thought 😉

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