Don’t Give Up Before Your Time – Dream Analysis

Do you ever give up on something before you let it come to fruition?

When life gets overwhelming and you get completely frustrated sometimes you want to give up. Sometimes you actually do give up. How do you know when it’s time to change course? How do you know when to completely give up and move onto the next idea? You don’t want to stop watering the fruit tree before you give it a chance to produce fruit.

goals dream analysis ripe don't give up

These aren’t limes…they’re lemons! Don’t give up before the time is ripe!

And sometimes your dreams can give you glimpses into the direction you should be heading. Our subconscious minds are powerful nocturnal beasts that like to use all the information and research that you feed it during the day and knock you over the head with it at night. ‘You can’t figure it out on your own? Well, I don’t know how to tell you this straight, because I’m a beast that doesn’t speak your language, so I’m gonna show you through symbols and let you make your own connections.’ Yeah, I just translated that for you from nocturnal beast language. You’re welcome.

nocturnal beast heiroglyphs symbols

The powerful nocturnal beast showering ancient symbols down upon a much younger me while I slept.

The DREAM: There were some juicy parts to the beginning of the dream that I won’t share with you, but let’s just say, it left me wanting more.

Next up, my friend, let’s call him Daniel to keep his identity safe, was driving his truck, I was in the passenger seat, and another friend, let’s call him Pedro, was in the backseat. It was the day of the Superbowl, or some other big football event. We went to turn into the parking lot of the bar we were going to, and there was someone in front of us. We had to cross the lanes before the traffic light turned and the cars started flowing, blocking us from entry. There was someone coming out of the entrance to the lot. The car in front of us turned in anyways and they had a face-off. There’s no way we would have made it anywhere if we just followed them. (Don’t follow the crowd – Find your own path) I remember noticing that even though I knew it was an entrance, there were no markings. We went into the next entrance before  the traffic came through.

Once we got into the parking lot, we noticed that all the spaces were taken. Daniel got really frustrated but I told him to just keep driving; just keep going. We went down closer to the venue and all the spots were open. No one had thought to keep going. We parked in front and went into the building.

Daniel was sitting on a couch, and Pedro was standing next to him. He had a list of words or phrases, and another, smaller, list of matching words or phrases. I don’t remember what they were. They could have been something scientific, or even a list of football teams, but he had this genius idea to say that they were old railroads. I’m not sure why he said they were railroads, and I corrected him, but I realized that the idea he had was genius.

That was the dream. In waking life, my friend Daniel was a little concerned with some decisions he’s made. Things got tough and even scary based on the risk, and we all know that at that point it’s easy just to give up, or feel like you want to give up. In the dream, with the driveway, it looked like it wasn’t going to work out, but he changed course and just made it on his own. Once he made it, he realized (parking lot full of cars) that it was much more overwhelming than he thought it was going to be. I was there for support and just to remind him to keep going. He shouldn’t give up before we got to where we were going. The ironic thing is that Daniel has a lucky knack for finding parking spots right in front of where he’s going. He almost gave up in the dream, because of overwhelming circumstances and frustration. When this happens in our lives, we sometimes forget our ‘lucky knacks’ and give up before we’ve let something flourish to completion, or at least to what they could be. Once we got to that point in the dream, once we pushed through, a genius idea was birthed.

Lemon image courtesy of franky242;

Nocturnal beast image courtesy of my friend Carrie (stars and head added by me) 🙂

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